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"A Guitar Romance -- favorites for the classical guitar."  It is fitting that this recording opens and concludes with anonymous melodies - the classical guitar is an ideal instrument for music that transcends names and places, and for songs that speak directly to the heart. 

"Night Dances -- Music of Spain and Latin America."  Works from the Spanish Renaissance, the Romantic Period, and masterpieces from Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Paraguay and Argentina.  

"Arrival -- Original Compositions for Solo Guitar."  
This recording is made up entirely of original work.  These 
pieces figure strongly into David's concert programs, and 
have been very well received.  These thirteen compositions
explore the many colors and textures possible on the classical

"Winter Stillness [In Flight]"   
is a collection of pieces that lends itself to a season of peace 
and celebration, featuring repertoire spanning three centuries.



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